EKO 40 Leaking smoke

stoney28 Posted By stoney28, Apr 25, 2013 at 4:28 PM

  1. stoney28

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    Oct 12, 2008
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    I've tried searching this topic and the closest I got was the Tarm leaking smoke. I'm not sure its the same problem or not.

    When I start my boiler I set up the kindling and stuff and close both doors, turn on the fan, and leave the flue open (usually for about 15-30 minutes to get a bed of coals). About a month ago I noticed that my furnace room had started to fill with smoke when I did this. At first I figured it was the wind, since that happens sometimes on windy days. But then I noticed this was happening on less windy days, and now it happens every time I start the furnace. The smoke seems to be coming out of every seam from the top of and upper sides of the outer covering (the stuff attached to the insulation) It seems to stop when I close the flue, whether its gasifying or not. I have cleaned out the chimney twice and scraped the ash out of the back of the furnace and it still is happening. The lever arm that cleans the heat exchanger tubes works as great as the day I got it. Does anyone know what is going on?
  2. arbutus

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    Wasn't there a post regarding an updated door lever?
    Maybe in the Tuning the EKO thread?

    I don't have an EKO, was interested in purchasing one and seem to remember this issue.
  3. stee6043

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    Ohhh there are many posts on the EKO and other gassers and smoke issues.

    First thought - I don't think you're starting your EKO like most of us do. I usually setup the kindling and some small splits, light the fire from below and then leave the bottom door open and close the top door, bypass open. I leave my EKO in this condition until I get 400 degrees on my flue, usually this takes .65 beers long to achieve. When I see 400 degrees I close the lower door, close the bypass and hit start (turn on fan). This method works quite well for me and I think several other members have very similar processes.

    Second, ohh that smoke. The first thing I would do is pop off the back cover that is your access to the HX tubes. It's possible the steel plate with a gasket may not be tightened enough. The only other place I've ever seen smoke is from the HX turb lever penetration into the boiler. That spot can be fixed with some high temp grease (at least that worked for me).

    I guess my last suggestion would be to make sure your flue connection at the back of your EKO is tight. If it's loose at the collar you could get smoke up under the insulation that may make it look like it's coming from other places.

    Good luck!
  4. chuck172

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    Don't know about the EKO, but the tarm solo 40 can leak from the smoke damper plate mounted in-line with the fan. The plate acts like a check valve that closes when the fan is off.
  5. taxidermist

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    Yeah open the lower door and let the unit get air. When you build your fire always make sure you have a air gap above the nozzle and dont plug it with paper or cardboard.


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