Empire Elite users


Jan 30, 2013
Upstate New York
I have had an Empire Elite 100 since 2011. I have always struggled with ash and creosote buildup resulting in two leaks. The first unit was replaced under warranty, the second,I patched the leak myself. I removed the fan to clean it and while reinstalling it I noticed a significant air gap,1/4 inch, under the fan. The gasket installed by the factory was much to thin to seal the gap,but is impossible to see without removing the fan. I replaced it with a thicker foam gasket and reinstalled the fan. The difference was amazing! For the first time ever, it seemed to be breathing correctly. Best secondary burn I can recall. So I would urge any Empire owners still out there to check the seals on their fans. ?

PA Woodhound

New Member
Jul 20, 2020
Central PA.
I know this is an old thread, do you still have yours? Just bought one for a good price that seems in good shape with no signs of any leaks. Looking for more info