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danjayh Posted By danjayh, Jul 25, 2013 at 4:06 PM

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    Aug 23, 2012
    Hello, all,

    I installed a Maxim M175 pellet boiler last fall, and ran it through the winter. I'm just wondering what you guys do for summer lay-up? I just made sure that the water had the right chemical balance, and I've left the circulation pump on and I've been allowing a little flow through my sidearm to steal heat from the DHW heater and keep the water in my boiler around ~95 (typical high temperatures during the day here are mid 80s to low 90s), the idea being that I don't want condensation forming inside the boiler.

    It occurred to me today that I should ask those of you who have been doing it a while what you do to keep your boilers healthy - I'm mostly concerned with corrosion. Should I have thoroughly scraped the inside of the burn chamber at the end of the season? I did scrape enough to get all of the 'fluffy' creosote off, but there's a thin sheen of hard, almost glassy looking stuff (maybe between 1/32 and 1/16 of an inch) that I didn't bother to remove ... too difficult to get off. Will that cause damage/rust to the metal? Do you guys spray any kind of oil/water repellent inside the boiler to help protect against rust?

    I read online that it's a good idea to fill it all the way to the top, above the fill line to prevent rust. Should I have done that?
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