Englander 24jc HELP!!!

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Jul 19, 2015
Concord, NC
It's been a while since I have been on the site, but I need answers and this is the place to go..

I have an Englander 24jc catalytic stove. Last year was my first year heating with wood, and I burnt mostly under-seasoned wood. It managed to heat the house (secondary heating source). However this year I have a large supply of 1.5yr white oak, and 1.5 yr honey locust with plenty of 1yr maple mixed in. Already after just two weeks of burning I can tell a huge difference and I'm experiencing something I never had last year....my stove top is glowing red, directly above my catalyst. Only in a small circle the same size of the cat. I don't have a temp prob for the cat yet but stove top therm reads 350-375 deg. My question is, am I actually having a problem, or is this my catalyst ACTUALLY being ignited and working as intended. Please, any advice or answers is welcomed..
The stove top should not be glowing red at any time. Check the stove for air leakage around the gasket.
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