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  1. M

    Should I replace this door?

    Hi all, I’m fairly new to wood stoves and moved into a house last year with an Avalon Rainier wood stove insert. It wasn’t in the greatest condition but we cleaned it up, replaced the baffles and air tubes, new glue liner, etc. and got it working pretty well. The only issue is that it sometimes...
  2. tayreed

    Air Wash Warp Affect Stove Performance?

    A couple years ago, we purchased a 2021 Lopi Answer (1.5 sq foot firebox) to heat our 1,200 sq foot 100 year-old farmhouse in Northern Michigan. I'll say right away that it's undersized for our home. After we purchased it and had it installed, we had a lot of problems with down drafting. At...
  3. A

    Jotul F45 Greenville EPA 2020 stove burning hot

    I’ve setup my new EPA 2020 Jotul F45 Greenville and have burned it for a little over a week now. I don’t feel as if I have control over it and it’s hard to turn down the fire and control the temperature. I am wondering if it’s burning too hot and I am getting an over fire. I have 17’ of pipe...
  4. J

    Gasket replacement for Napoleon 1402 (?) wood insert

    I replaced the glass gasket in my insert recently and I'm now having issues with overfiring. Elsewhere on the forum it sounds like I may have an air leak (which is odd--the thing seems to burn more efficiently in terms of wood use). Two questions for the experts here: Any advice on how to...
  5. fdjm

    Dealing with overfire

    I've read the handful of threads about this, and the consensus seems to be "open the door" when the fire gets too hot too quickly. But here I am asking about it anyways, as my experience with that was not too pleasant! Context: I've only had our stove for two weeks, and am still getting used...
  6. Braxvang

    What does overfiring a circulating prefab ZC fireplace look like?

    I have been told that these ZC prefab fireplaces are much less capable of handling larger fires than their ZC wood stove insert counterparts. If I were to start a fire, close the sealed doors on such a fireplace, open the outside air intake, and just let the fire burn, at what point should I...
  7. T

    Vermont castings dutchwest over fire and low burn times

    I have a brand new vc dutchwest cat stove 2461. its inserted into the fireplace and its connected out the back and into a tee that goes up around 20-22ft (6in chimney liner). I've tried with different types of wood (some split a year or less others over 2 years split) but even when I pack the...
  8. B

    Confused about measuring temperature

    Hi, new to wood burning but absolutely love heating our home with it so far. We just installed a Timberwolf EPI22 insert but I'm trying to make sure I'm burning at optimal temps (not worried about being too cold more so too hot). I have a basic magnetic thermometer mounted just above the door...
  9. M

    Jotul F602CB - Is this "normal"?

    Hello, First off, thanks to the many contributors here. I've been reading on the Hearth forums over the last few months before buying my first stove and have learned lots. A bit of background... My house is a 140 year old victorian 2 storey home, with a narrow open pit fireplace and a masonry...
  10. W

    Stove Burning Hotter This Year... Why And What To Do?

    I have been burning in our Jotul F 500 stove for about eight seasons now. Each season comes with a few incidents where the fire seems to rage out of control. But this season is different. It seems to occur much more frequently. Almost any time I load the stove full with wood (usually at...
  11. Wainwright63

    Englander 24jc HELP!!!

    It's been a while since I have been on the site, but I need answers and this is the place to go.. I have an Englander 24jc catalytic stove. Last year was my first year heating with wood, and I burnt mostly under-seasoned wood. It managed to heat the house (secondary heating source). However...
  12. Temple


    Chilly spring night and just wanted to quickly heat the little Jotul in the living room. Running it wide open, which I normally do without trouble, filled with arbutus (madrona), which I normally do without trouble. But I didn't account for the fact that the wood's been sitting indoors, and was...