Gasket replacement for Napoleon 1402 (?) wood insert

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New Member
Dec 16, 2020
I replaced the glass gasket in my insert recently and I'm now having issues with overfiring. Elsewhere on the forum it sounds like I may have an air leak (which is odd--the thing seems to burn more efficiently in terms of wood use). Two questions for the experts here:
  • Any advice on how to figure out if I have introduced a leak by not getting the glass back in tight enough, and tips on how to fix that?
  • Any suggestions for a door gasket kit, since who knows when that was last replaced and it could be leaky as well? If there's a good aftermarket option I'd rather not pay $125 for the manufacturer's part.
You could probably run a candle or incence around the edge of the glass to see if the smoke or flame is drawn into the gap.

Doing the dollar bill test on the door gasket will give you an idea of the seal quality.