englander 25-pdvc convection blower will stop after about 1-2 hours of running sometimes it will turn back on other time have to reset the machine

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New Member
Nov 19, 2022
hummelstown pa
i have a englander 25-pdvc made in 2017
the convection blower stops working after about 1-2 hours
the flame will stay lit sometimes the blower starts back up
replaced the thermal sensor, convection blower, checked the vacuum switches both. bypassed the vacuum switches on the board
reset to setting d a bunch of times this has to be done almost everytime the machine is turn off for more then 1 hour.
jumped out hopper switch
i think the control board is defective.
also the flame is no consistent goes up and down and sometimes goes out then comes right back
What is your AOT button set to. If it is anything more than one, it can do this exact behavior.