Feed motor not turning auger

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Nov 6, 2018
Auger not turning.

Hi, all,

I have an Eco-Cab50 (9 years old) that was working fine until three weeks ago. The auger stopped delivering pellets to the fire, so the fire went out.

I've done some circuit testing and was leaning towards the convection blower snap disk #1 (srv230-1220) being the problem. I ordered an after market snap disk which I've hooked up, but have an OEM disc coming shortly. There is no change in the machine's behavior with the after market disc or my old snap disc.

It powers up when plugged in and goes through its testing cycle without issue. When I call for heat, the red power light is on and the exhaust fan blows, but the auger does not turn. The igniter turns on and gets hot. The exhaust fan speed reacts when I change the heat setting with the switch on the back of the stove (high, medium, low).

The stove is maintained and clean. The vacuum hose is clear. Hopper and auger are unobstructed. Exhaust pipes are clear. I have followed every checklist item on the manufacturer troubleshooting guide for a non-feeding auger. I've done some testing and have established no resistance in the items that shouldn't have any (vacuum switch, snap discs, feed motor, convection fan, igniter, thermocouple), but only when the parts were unhooked and the stove was not plugged in.

Today I tested for electric current at certain places while the machine was calling for heat, and one thing that struck me as odd was that the vacuum switch had current going in, but not coming out from the other contact. Do you think the vacuum switch is the problem?
Also, there was no electric power going into the feed motor.

Your help, as always, is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,