Englander 25PDVC won't stay lit, so setting display for low fuel feed

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Skip H

New Member
Nov 22, 2022
Agawam MA
11 minutes ago
I hope you can help me, still trying to navigate this site, I have a 25 PDVC mfg. 10/08. Most nights it will not stay lit even though the hopper is half full. Pellets get hung up on the sides of the hopper and do not drop down to the auger, but a couple of mornings the fire box was full of unburned pellets. When it is on the flame is raging and I can't turn it down even on 1, in checking the three settings at the bottom, the first one, low fuel feed does not light up at all. The low burn shows 2 and the air on temp is 1. Are these correct, how do I change them and why no light on the low fuel feed? Thanks for any help you can offer this thing is driving us nuts.

Skip H.


Feeling the Heat
Feb 8, 2012
Southern Maine
Sounds like your board is bad, at least the display LCD is. Does the heat range light up? I’m not home, so I can’t check my stove to confirm part of my question. You change the settings by pushing the desired button, then both up or both down buttons.

As for you other comments, it seems as though you suffer from pellets hanging up on the hopper. During cool down, after the flame is out, something happens causing pellets to fall into the chute, causing the pile in the burn pot as you noticed.



New Member
Nov 25, 2022
Agawam ma
Can someone tell me the correct settings for this stove, mfg/ 2008 for the bottom three buttons and if it should be in"D" mode? How do I check the mode?
Still can't lower the flame when running but fire goes out during the night with plenty of pellets in the hopper.