Englander NC-32 door pin issue

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New Member
Sep 19, 2022
United states
I'm currently going into the second season with this stove. So far my opinion of it isn't the best in terms of it performing the way it was described it should.

So far I've had to re-bend the door wash so the metal wouldn't hit the door glass when closing it, I've had to install a outside air kit to try and help it breath cooler air to try and get longer burn times I can't seem to get more than 2 ish hours on a load of wood and have it cruise at proper burn temp.
And now I noticed I'm having a harder time controlling the fire with the primary air control because the gasket seemed like it was wore out or so i thought, after looking into the problem, the door keeps moving more and more as I open and close it.
Upon closing it, the door "tweaks" a good eighth inch.
I pulled the door off and looked at the holes and they're ovaled...I'm assuming it's from the tension From the ramp styled latch.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could fix the ovaled holes on the door?

You have a couple of options.
1. Drill the ovalized holes oversize & replace the hinge pins with larger ones
2. Drill the ovalized holes oversize, press new steel dowels into them & redrill to the original size
3. Have the holes welded & redrilled
4. Purchase a new door
Realistically purchasing a new door wont fix the hinges that are ovaled that are welded to the box. So pretty much it’s just the first 3 options he gave.

How hard are you wrenching down on that handle to oval out those hinges? It doesn’t take a whole lot of force to make a seal just snug is all it needs. I also have a 32NC and bent the air wash plate just to be certain I was getting good air flow. What type of wood are you burning, how full of a load, what air control setting do you have it set at?