Enviro service tech nightmare

joehomeowner123@yahoo.con Posted By joehomeowner123@yahoo.con, Dec 4, 2012 at 12:37 PM

  1. joehomeowner123@yahoo.con

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    Dec 4, 2012
    Hi all ,
    If the dealer provided service tech is way
    Out of line for Enviro warranty stove
    Work(extreme type A) can another dealer be contacted
    To make the repair using their
    Service tech ?.
  2. CT Pellet

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    Dec 1, 2012
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    One of the frustrating things when it comes to stove warranty work is just this. Say for instance, you buy a brand new Chrystler. When this Chrystler needs warranty work, you can go to any Chrystler service shop in the country and they will honor the warranty. This is because the shop will perform the repair and the get paid by Chrystler bor both the parts and labor.
    Not so true for pellet stoves. When there is warranty work to be done, you must use the dealer that you bought your stove from to do the work. This is because the manufacturer will reimburse the dealer for the parts, but as for the travel and labor, they have to eat it. Essentially, the dealer needs to ensure that there is a sufficient margin on the "front end" of the sale to be able to sustain any future warranty-related service calls. When you are married to one repair guy, it can become frustrating.
    In short, to answer your question, Yes, you can contact another dealer to fix it. But the labor will not be covered under warranty.
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  3. jtakeman

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    Its up to that dealer, But for the most part because they didn't make a profit up front on the original sale of the stove. They may not. Service work isn't profitable for the stove shops. Enviro only covers the parts and labor to replace the parts. They do not reinburse for travel time and any other overhead. All you can do is ask the next nearest dealer and see what they say. They may charge a service charge to ofset their expenses.

    I would also contact Enviro's costumer service and see if they can either light a fire under the current dealers behind or at least act as a middleman to help resolve the issue. Its possible they can recommend another dealer, But I haven't heard of anyone actually trying. Usually once they get involved the dealer seems to step up and do whats asked of the costumer.

    Keep us posted
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