Epiphany (feeling), a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something

restorer Posted By restorer, Jan 26, 2007 at 3:22 AM

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    Yep, had one of those this week. Did my Sunday cleaning and realized I had a killer clinker in the burn pot and a nice side fire going outside the burn pot. Well, I "p-burn" a Jamestown, pre-high tech. The things so old. I'm sure none of the true believers know about it. I thought about the nice fire outside the burn pot and the lazy flames inside. I started looking for an air leak. Thought I might have a hole in the corner of the intake air, etc, etc. The roughly 2 X 3 SS burn pot sits on a rectangular built up box, where the intake pipe enters the stove. I thought originally it had a reinforcing welded liner, with a strip of fiber-glass gasket for packing. Then I had the epiphany. The flat piece of fiberglass was a gasket. A very flat and worn out 3/8th braided gasket squashed so flat the contact between the mount and the burn pot was metal to metal. I thought if it were raised, it would block the passage of air.

    So this afternoon, reached 30 outside and I replaced the gasket, fired the stove up and turned the damper down 40%. That's right, the gasket was there to allow the burn pot to distort as it will, but still maintain an air tight fit to the "induction" box.

    Damn, them oldie engineer types knew how to make a removable pot without a complicated seal. Shoot, bet those guys/gals were into simple is better.
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