Experimenting with fan on stove

Slow1 Posted By Slow1, Dec 14, 2013 at 12:18 PM

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    Well, over all I believe I have good natural convection currents in the house when the stove is burning, but last year I played a bit with having a fan move cold air toward the stove. This year I"ve started experimenting a bit more with this. It is difficult to really quantify the changes, but I have to say I"m surprised at just how much it seems to change things. Figure I may as well share the info here and perhaps inspire others to give it a try.

    Over all it seems that when I use the fan I can get 1-3 degrees higher average house temp. The "Cost" of this seems to be a cooler stove. When I had the fan pointed at the right side of the stove (blowing diagonal across the stove and into the corner behind), I measured about a 100* difference in the temp of the two front corners (via IR). The surface temp of the double wall pipe is also a bit cooler it seems.

    Anyway - at the moment it seems my optimal location is using the fan to push air 'around' the stove - i.e. in the side where the corner is and the air then circles around to the left behind the stove (due to wall) and out toward the larger side of the house.
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