F3500 parts missing/damage

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Oct 29, 2023
Happy Sunday!

New here and happy to of found this forum/group.

I picked up a used F3500 tagged Aug 2017. As this was my first stove and a used one at that, it looked great when I picked it up. However, when I got home and put more inspection into it as I was cleaning I noticed concerns.

1) The rod that connects to the bypass door isn't connected to anything (doesn't open the bypass door)

2) The Catalyst has crumbled and is missing the whole middle section..maybe 30% remaining

3) There is a pretty nasty sag on the "burn plate/ceiling plate?", sorry, I don't know the proper name lol

4) Needs a couple of bricks but I will replace them all.

The rest of the stove is gorgeous. I picked this stove up for $300 (CDN) I think I still did good considering it is going in my garage. It clearly looks like it may have burned way too hot and previous owner wasn't sure how it was to be maintained or maintained at all!

As it's used, I don't think I can get away with with a Catalyst warranty claim. Partd diagram isn't too detailed with image, part # and pricing. Does anyone know what I need to order and is this still a good investment?

20231028_162540.jpg 20231029_081353.jpg 20231029_084840.jpg 20231029_084914.jpg
I think you wasted $300
That interior is toast. I don't see any saving it