Faceplate Detracts From Insert Heat?

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Dec 13, 2022
New York
I recently purchased a Pacific Energy Vista insert. I love it. Small, easy to use and keeps my house warm despite the modest size. The faceplate was on backorder when they installed it so I have been using it without the faceplate. I noticed that the top and sides do get hot despite the fan blowing most of the hot air into the room. I could probably boil water on top of the exposed insert.

My question is, do faceplates trap a lot of heat behind them? The chimney is blocked off except for the vent passing through it so would those BTUs mostly heat up the faceplate and give me the energy anyway or would they be lost? I am kinda thinking of leaving the faceplate off during the coldest months if it turns out that I am losing a lot of heat behind it...
It varies with the stove and the setup. If you don't mind leaving the faceplate off, then no harm.