Fan ... Thelin parlour 3000

Fan is barely running on low... Where is best place to get one or can I fix it

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Feeling the Heat
Sep 6, 2009
south central NH
I have been following this thread since my Thelin Parlour started making a loud bearing noise. I have the unit in my airbnb and is an absolute hit for its aesthetics. I finally purchased a replacement blower motor and a T2 sensor from Thelin. As y'all have stated the are blower is an Exmek. Im glad to hear Jethro that they seem to last well. The blower motor I removed was one that I have not seen anyone else post about. It is a Bodine 24a2fepm 12volt. I have done cursory internet searches with not much success. The model seems readily available but none are at 12 V. Eventually I'll get around to inspecting and seeing if the bearings are available to have a good back up should the Exmek go bad.

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I got to ask... how did you do those walls?

Jethro Wood

Dec 2, 2012
A note on the bearings. I found that the price buying directly from is much better than Amazon. Shipping for me was $3.90 for 4 of the bearings and each bearing is about $4. I do recommend using the high quality made in Japan Nachi bearings instead of the much less expensive bulk China or skate type bearings you can get anywhere. the Japan Nachi bearings last 2-3x as long for me.