Finally purchased a Jotul

ccrider Posted By ccrider, Oct 26, 2012 at 9:04 PM

  1. ccrider

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    Oct 23, 2012
    Had my first Jotul 35 years ago when I rented an oceanside house with a Jotul wood burner. Years later found my way back after much debate and discussion ended up with the Jotul GV600DVII Firelight. Really wanted to go with the blue/black but apparently Jotul is not planning on offering them for atleast the balance of 2012. Went with the Brown which was sweet. Really struggled making the decision since I started out going to the Sebago. But the GV600 was hard to pass up. The flame picture and the fine detail on the stove really set it apart from anything else I looked at. Stove was in stock so now I have to pick up the pace and build a custom pad and tee off the gas line to feed it.
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    Nice! I heated my garage & the studio apartment above it for 4 years with that unit. The price of LP drove me to pull it out & replace is with a P43 Pellet burner...I sold the Firelight to my sister, who is partially disabled with MS & can't handle the physicality of stoking a wood stove. She burns LP, as well, but the ease of operation is critical for her. She is happy & warm, as I'm sure YOU will be.
  3. firecracker_77

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    Very glad to hear you found a new stove that you love. Enjoy!

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