Fine Tuning BioMass

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Looks great Mike. Thanks a bunch for posting the pics, worth thousands of words. I would say my nozzle would probably look about like yours in the pic by the end of the season if I do nothing.
Picked up some fire brick yesterday and cut it up with the trusty horrible freight tile saw collecting dust on my shelf. Fits good and didn't seem to change the way it burned at all. I left it a little loose in case it expands at a different rate than the main refractory parts.

Thanks again for sharing your great idea!
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My hope is this thread will become a mini BioMass users group. The recent posts about BioMass owners here getting blue flames really prompted my desire to start this because I not there yet. Although our boiler shares many of the generic gasser functions, primary and secondary adjustments are specific to the design. Hopefully we can collectively learn how to optimally operate and fix these boilers.
Mr. Tennman, Do you know of any other resources for Biomass gasification boilers than New Horizon? I have a Biomass 60 and have operated it for the last 7 heating seasons. I originally bought it through New Horizon. I recently purchased new lower refractor pieces from New Horizon, however when they were delivered one was broken completely in half due to shipping damage. I contacted New Horizon about this and Zenon responded that he would send a replacement. I received no replacement and continued to correspond with Zenon to make sure he didn't need any additional information and that he hadn't forgotten. He kept stringing me along with the promise of a replacement part for a month and then stopped replying to emails. I now believe he never had any intention of replacing the part and was just trying to stall in hope of me not disputing the payment for the order. In any case I have a pretty bad feeling about this company now and wondered if you knew of any alternative resources for parts.

Sorry for the long story and thanks for any help.

I am surprised at the treatment you encountered with New Horizon. I have had a Biomass 80 for well over 10 years and have always found Zenon very responsive. Wouldn't be an excuse for not getting back to you, but I have to wonder if he isn't having issues with his supplier. The exhaust blower has been out of stock for two years now, although I did order and promptly receive a new controller last fall.