Fire Pit Finished

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Minister of Fire
Dec 22, 2010
Southeastern PA
Finished the foundation by tamping sand in joints. Worked on the layout and made minor cuts with the grinder over the last 2 days. Will use construction adhesive under layers on the circle part of the pit only. Brother is fabricating a grill for the rectangular part of the pit.
Firepit Finish 1.jpg Firepit Finish 2.jpgFirepit Finish 3.jpgFirepit Finish 4.jpg
Looks sharp! I like the design and hope it serves you well! Having a main fire at one end, and a separate place to move coals to for cooking is a great idea.

WOW that is incredible.....Someday...someday....
wow - that is sumthin' else!
very nice work, you have inspired me to build one after I finish the outdoor kitchen. I was going to keep my little round store bought one but watching yours and others on here i have envisioned a twist on this design which I am going to try.
Stax, that is awesome. Can you give us an idea of the measurements? (Or just a guesstimate on the width and length??)
That came out so good you could design them for a living...awesome work
Thanks guys for your compliments. A lot of elbow grease (roots from an existing birch tree, wheelbarrowing the stone, handling the rumblestone so many times) and some minor planning went into this small project. Very satisfied with the outcome. The grill and the way it fit was all luck (brother said he had a grill for me after I laid out the dimensions). Dave...the circle measures 79" in diameter and the "rectangle" is actually a 3'x3' square. You could easily scale down the dimensions and this thing is quite large in person.
Mine is 60" round and 24" x 24" (on the inside of the firebrick, its 18" across) for the pit/keyhole. And its pretty big....

But compared to your work of art, I am not worthy... I am not worthy.... :(

Every time I look at yours, it looks better :) Lots of work you did.

STAX, once again, great job.
I made the mistake of showing this to my wife. Now I'm trying to figure out how to elevate the grill area to about 3'. She LOVES your design.
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