Fireplace "blowers"

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Nov 27, 2005
I know I loose alot of heat through my fireplace when I am burning wood. My wife and I prefer a natural fire to a gas fire. Is there a blower insert or anything that can be placed IN the fireplace, under the wood that actually pushed the heat from the fire out into the room, still letting the smoke go out the chimney ?


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Nov 21, 2005
What you're talking about is a fireplace grate heater. On this site, half way down you'll see the powered grate heaters. Rather expensive. They will help some. You can get a cast iron fireback they reflect radiant heat from a fireplace into the living area.

Your best option is a fireplace insert. The above combo might make your fireplace 20-25% efficient at best and cost you somewhere around $500 for the basic setup and $800 for the best. A fireplace insert will turn your fireplace into a heat making monster (around 75% efficient) and cost about $3000. If you figure it may completely eliminate your heating bill and you can enjoy the fire constantly at the same time a fireplace insert may be the way to go.
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