Q&A fireplace fiasco! - Pipe for Preway?

QandA Posted By QandA, Dec 2, 2007 at 5:34 AM

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    I purchased a Preway fireplace and metal chimney pipe at an auction at a bargain price. We installed it on the North wall of our brick home. Because of the thickness of the wall, we had to use a use a bend right on top of the firebox to connect to the 6" pipe. The fireplace smokes profusely. We have been told that the pipe is too small (should be 8"), that we can't have a "bend", and that Preway fireboxes are extremely inefficient. We installed a gas line in case we wanted to use gas logs, but prefer wood. Would the ventless logs be a good option for us? Or, can you think of any other way to keep this firebox from smoking? Thanks in advance.


    sounds real bad..and you're writing from a .edu !... I thought they taught you something...anyway, here's the scoop from the Fireplace PhD:

    Preway has been out of business for a number of years. No parts or information are available.

    1. The fireplace can ONLY be used with metal chimney that was the same size and name brand as the fireplace. Almost all open fireplace use a minimum of 8" ID piping, so the 6" sounds wrong. If, in fact, the 6" is the listed brand and diameter for that fireplace, extending the chimney height might help the draft.

    2. If the chimney pipe is wrong, then installing the Ventless or ANY gas logs would not be allowed...you see, the vent-free gas logs can only go into approved units CAPABLE OF BURNING WOOD. That is, it must be a fully functional unit comprised of the right materials from the same manufacturer.

    Sorry for the bad news..but I'd rip it out if I were you. Sometime the biggest bargain can turn out to cost you money ! Why throw good money after the bad ?
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