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    Dear Webmaster: I have a client who would like a fireplace in her gazebo. I recently received my masters in architecture and we never learned a great deal about fireplace construction. I have done some basic research on fireplaces to understand their basic function but I was wondering if you could provide me with a source that would explain construction of an exterior fireplace? How do you deal with air circulation? what should the proportion of the firebox to the flue be? Do you need a damper? What about wind causing a backdraft? What size smoke shelf should be used? How high should the chimney be? should the chimney have a cap that works with the wind direction? Any information or leads you can provide me with would be a great help.


    Assuming you want a masonry fireplace..ask the folks at http://www.rumford.com or check out the masonry heater association at http://www.mha-net.org/.<p>
    Update: Many manufacturers are now building pre-fab fireplaces for outdoor use. This allows for elimination of a large foundation.

    Link: Rumford Fireplaces

    Link: Masonry Heater Association
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