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    I would like to install a woodburning fireplace insert into my fireplace and I have looked at a few models in our local fireplace stores. All of the inserts that I have seen so far have circulating air blowers that improve the heating efficiency. Part of my reason for installing an insert is to provide heat during a power outage. I have been told that using one of these inserts without the fan running could result in warping the metal, etc. Do you have any comments or recommendations concerning yhis issue?


    In most cases, running a wood burning fireplace insert without the fans is OK. You want to look for a unit that has fairly large convection air openings on the bottom, sides and top. This will allow air to freely circulate around the unit. Some units are even sold without blowers since they work well this way. The blower is then offerred as an option. Check out the products at https://www.hearth.com/prod.html
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