Fireview is heating great!

charly Posted By charly, Jan 23, 2013 at 3:55 PM

  1. charly

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    Well I finally let the Fireview run a little hotter... Been running it mostly at 3/4 or less on the draft setting, getting about 400-500 on the stove top temps,, well today I loaded two nice size rounds of standing dead elm , about 6 inches in diameter and left the air setting at 1 once it was going,, she got up to 600, what a difference in heat output.. living room was up to 75 with an 8 degree outdoor temp...pretty good for this old place...3 hours later she's still at over 500 on the stones...Here I've been idling the Fireview more then I thought..A nice surprise... heading for 5 below here, tonight and tomorrow night as well.
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    We too have run a bit higher on the draft than normal. Heat feels good. One thing we did yesterday and today was putting in only 2 or 3 splits at a time. The coals were up pretty good so I thought to heck with it. I wanted more heat so just put on a couple splits. Then I left the draft open full. It worked nicely. So we did that today too as we had some more uglies to burn off. We had to go to town this afternoon and while gone we left it at 1.5. When we got home, it was 80 degrees. Perfect!
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    Wow,, 1.5,,, she must have really been roaring!;lol Just glad I decided to open her up,, a whole different stove.

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