First issue with my Pleasant Hearth stove

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New Member
Jan 1, 2018
Berwick, Maine
I returned home yesterday to a cold house. My Stove had stopped working after 3 months of no problems. There was power to the unit. The light on my Dial Control is blinking continuously green. I checked everything and began unplugging and plugging back in different plugs and when I unplugged the Dial Control, The unit started up but at a uncontrolled rate. The auger fed, the blower worked, the exhaust worked. when I plugged the Dial Control back in, it stopped feeding and then burned what was left in the pot and then shut down. I'm trying to figure out if it is the Dial Control or the Control Board. Have any of you had this issue with your PH50CABSPS from Pleasant Hearth. Other than this, I have loved the stove.
You unplugged components from control board while it was plugged in?
Lots of dial a fire controls have died this year,call the company,they will send you a new one,if you are still under warranty.