First time cleaning pipe.


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Jun 5, 2015
Southeast CT
C8619EA4-CDAD-49CD-BDF7-2DFF93DEB82C.jpeg the is was my first season burning pellets, so I swept out pipe today. In doing do, o realized the rubberlike gasket at the clean out was misshapen in one spot, as shown in pic. I have a cleanout on the inside of room and outside a long my foundation wall. The cleanout outside was normal so I swapped them out (thinking I’d rather have something not quite right on the outside of house rather that inside right next to stove). I’m not sure what the lifetime of these gaskets is or if they are replaceable. Pipe is Ventis Pellet Vent.

bob bare

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Oct 31, 2013
park county montana
Not familiar with that product,but good move swapping them out,Looks like the gaskets are replaceable,might want to order a few.