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    Just purchased a used fischer woodstove, approximately 32" long x 22" wide x 37" high, with double doors. No tags attached to indicated placement distance from wall. Any idea? What is the best material to put behind the stove to protect the wall? Stove has 8" hole in back of stove for pipe. Is it okay to reduce the pipe to 6"? Should we install the fire proof rope on the inside of the doors?


    Answers to all these questions are located in the database at http://chi.hearth.com/search.html, but here's a quickie.

    1. Do not reduce from 8 to 6
    2. 36" clearances to combustibles with no protection
    3. That stove did not use a gasket on the door, however, you can place one there if you like. You should use a flat gasket for this (available at stove stores)
    4. Wall protection - sheet metal, cement board, brick, stone, etc. with proper air spaces.

    Check the Q and A and the document https://www.hearth.com/what/installstove.html for more.
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