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    I recently came upon a Fisher wood burning fireplace insert stove. I did not have any installation instructions, but here's a description of what I have : aprx. 22 " high x 22 " wide x 42 " long, I have a masonry fireplace.

    The stove sits low and vents out the TOP in the back half (which sits in the firebox). This is where the stove damper is located. There are two metal 'wings' for both sides and another for the 'top' to completely encapsulate the back half within the firebox. i.e. like a window air conditioner where half is in the room,half is outside.

    There is no stove pipe, the vent on the top back half is about 1 inch high.

    Anyway, would I be correct in assuming that the proper installation for this design is to simply open the fireplace damper enough to vent the smoke and still not allow heat to escape ? It almost appears to me that the spirit of this design is to mimic a conventional fireplace in venting the smoke. Also, are there any flaws or concerns with this insert that I should be aware of ?


    The original installation for this type of insert was to open the damper fully, and then seal the unit to the face of the fireplace by installing insulation strips between the panels and the fireplace front. However, newer codes dictate that the unit must be piped up through the damper area with a stainless steel or other metal boot. Some companies make retrofit adapters that are designed to allow this to be done with older inserts like yours.

    Also, installing a sheet metal block-off plate below the damper to seal the area around the boot will increase the draft and efficiency of the unit. It's easier to get a good seal there rather than the front of the fireplace.
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