FISHER Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear Details (Bear Series)

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Hello, I found this forum, and I would like to find out more about my Papa Bear wood stove. Any additional information would be much appreciated.
I purchased this stove in Cookeville, Tennessee in 1979. We used it to heat our un-insulated farm house for three years. It was superb, burned mostly shagbark hickory. Moved to Arkansas, and the stove is still in the barn, unused. I'm planning to sell it on CL. I'm having second thoughts, maybe. Haha.

Serial no: FS12-5027
Patent no: D287798
On back of door: E

There is a sticker on the bottom with this info.

Unit Identification
Part No. 9916347
Prod. Ord. 4952
Unit 1240-0037

Thanks in advance.
Probably came from the licensee in Ashville North Carolina who had Tennessee rights. All those numbers seem like a Hesston Stove body from Kansas since they weren't big on numbers down yonder ;). Possibly an H stamped in the ash fender trim in the front? The licensed fabricator bought in bulk from Hesston and would hang the door before shipping to your distributor. Do you remember what kind of store sold it? More were from hardware stores and other businesses that supplemented their sales during winter with them than stove shops back then.
You can probably get as much as you paid for it, but don't expect to find another one easily once it's gone. ;hm A baffle installed easily will make it act like a different stove. Connected to a 6 inch insulated chimney you'll be amazed.
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just wanted to share a picture of my latest papa bear restoration..:)..

FISHER Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear Details (Bear Series) FISHER Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear Details (Bear Series) FISHER Papa, Mama, and Baby Bear Details (Bear Series)