Fix for loose Alderlea door handle.

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Derf Summerfreeze

New Member
Oct 10, 2023
Southern Ontario
Folks, The wood handle on my new 2022 Alderlea T6 came loose a few times so I repeatedly drifted the retaining ring back up into place. Today the ring loosened and the handle fell off completely (as expected!). On close inspection it turns out that PE was using a 'round push nut' which looks similar to the correct part, which according to McMaster Carr is called a 'push on retaining ring'. A 'push on retaining ring' bites into the mild steel and prevents the handle from slipping off. This is what PE should have used. Instead, a 'round push nut' as McMaster Carr refers to it, was used and it is not designed to bite into the shaft, but is designed to have flexible teeth that thread onto an already threaded shaft. No wonder the handle kept coming loose. I informed PE that they were using the wrong part on the production line. So, if you have a handle that keeps falling off, that's why. Anyway, I decided to do one better and cut 1/2 inch of 5/16" NC threads to the end of the shaft. I found a 5/16 NC locknut in my stash(the all metal type) and with a thin wall 1/2 inch socket that just fit into the wooden handle to drive the nut on, I now have my handle held on by a proper nut, rather than a cheapo retaining ring. Derf
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Were pictures taken? Sounds like something changed. 15 yrs and our stove's handle has never been an issue.
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I can disassemble and take a couple of pictures tomorrow if required. The reason the handle came loose is because PE used the wrong part. Likely bought a bunch of round push nuts thinking they were the right part. (they look almost identical to the correct 'push on retaining ring'. I'm happy with a threaded end and nut since I can remove the handle without hammering on it should I ever want, or need to. I noticed the whole handle assembly is only $60CAD so not really a big deal. What surprised me is the handle being made of wood (or appears to be). I would have expected a high temp phenolic or similar, but I tend to over engineer things. As a kid I had plans to build a brick tree house. My mother laughed and said no tree could ever hold it. I found that white oak was quite strong so that went into my plans. Obviously I never built it! Derf
I’d like to see pics too. The only issue I’ve had with mine is it was tough to turn and latch. It needed some graphite lube.
I will take pics before the weekend is out. I didn't do anything to the business end, only the handle so I'm not sure what the pics will be worth. My door opens and closes easily, but then again, it is new. BTW, I cut the threads with the handle assembly still attached with a fire going. I did not disassemble the handle assembly and take it to the shed to do the work. It was easy to cut the 5/16NC threads in situ. Derf
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Here's a picture of the handle mod. Derf

PE handle mod.jpg
Oh, I see! I was thinking the assembly was coming off the door!

Thank you for posting the fix!