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    Well summer is over and I'm getting ready for the cold weather and wood burning! I bought a VC Winterwarm (large) earlier this year and I am installing a SS chimney liner in my fireplace chimney which requires me to install a VC flex connector so I can plumb right into the stove. This particular piece has an integrated block off plate for the flue damper. The part # I found may or may not be a VC # but here it is: 000-3065. The question I have is: What components do I need to do the install the right way (for this particular stove). I have 8" round liner that is pretty thick so another question I have: Is the flex connector round on the business end? I know that the insert has an oval opening on top that is slightly beveled to accept the connector. The local dealer is very uneducated about this particular insert as they have not sold or installed any in the past. Anyone with insight or experience with this scenario?


    The Flex Connector is oval on both ends. You need an adaptor that goes from the Connector oval to an 8" round. VC has an adaptor but it can only be used for straight rigid pipe---in other words---pipe that is 2' or 3' in length and is screwed together. If your liner pipe is this type, then VC does have an adaptor that will work for you.

    Flexible liners are used in most reline situations because they're flexible should there any offsets in the flue, and they're one continuous piece. It's also much easier to install. Flex pipe also has thicker skin versus rigid pipe. If this is what you have, your road is a little tougher.

    As of 2 years ago, VC did not have an oval-to-round adaptor that can accept 8" round flex pipe. The request for this adaptor was made several times by experienced dealers & VC employees who know the fireplace business, but it fell on deaf ears north of the border. Perhaps this has changed since then, but it's doubtful. You should check with various shops to see if they have someone who can make a custom oval-to-8" round stainless steel adaptor for you. It's really the way to go. Good luck.
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