Q&A Follow-up to Sierra woodstove inquiry

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Nov 27, 2012

Your service is terrific! Received your reply within hours last time & it was clear & helpful & much appreciated. Just one more question: Seem to have a plate that came with the Sierra stove that is the same length (26") and about 8" wide with a lip along the length. It appears that it could be wedged along the back top edge of the stove & serve as a baffle, but I'm not sure if that is its place or function. Can you help me out? Thanks so much....Pete


Tough not looking at the piece..If it is 1/4 thick, it probably goes inside the stove in the upper part and serves as a smoke baffle....If it is thinner, it is probably a heat shield of some sort that fits on the rear or bottom of the stove. Sorry I cannot be more clear.
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