Removing FMI 42GC zero clearance and alcove build for Hearthstone Mansfield 8012

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This project has finally come to an end! My wife and I are super happy with how it turned out!

This was only my second time doing any tile and never a pattern before, so the herringbone pattern took me a while to line up. I ended up doing a mock up on the garage floor to get it all lined up perfectly to begin with before I started cutting.

The stove is 550lbs so I strapped 4' 2x4's to the side and 4 of us lifted it into place and were able to adjust it easily for the flue placement.

I am not using the outside air vent that I added, with my stove and blower I cannot really route the vent tubing, but it is there for a future stove if I need it, just like the gas line I kept also.

Just in time for a cold northern Nevada winter!

IMG_8594.jpeg IMG_8690.jpeg IMG_8701.jpeg IMG_8710.jpeg IMG_8720.jpeg IMG_8760.jpeg IMG_8785.jpeg IMG_8879.jpeg IMG_8881.jpeg IMG_8952.jpeg IMG_8994.jpeg IMG_9002.jpeg IMG_9003.jpeg IMG_9005.jpeg IMG_9007.jpeg IMG_9026.jpeg IMG_9259.jpeg
This is a link to my exterior chase and flue rebuild for this project: That was a lot of work too!

Well done, it's a sharp-looking install. Enjoy the new warmth and fire.
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