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    I just bought a old cottage in Iowa. In the living room is a Siegler oil burning furnace in great condition. The stove pipe is single walled. I'm remodeling the cottage and putting in a vaulted ceiling. I need to know two things. Is Siegler Company still a round and do you have any ideas on what if anything I need to do different in putting in the stove pipe through the ceiling? Thanks for your help.


    We are the wood stove and fireplace guys, so the brand of an oil furnace would not be in our area of expertise.

    However, we do know about single wall pipe and it's uses. Single pipe should never extend through a wall or ceiling and is only used as a "chimney connector", not as a chimney. This means that it should all be visible when you are in the room with the furnace and that it should connect to a real masonry or metal (class A) chimney.
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