Fresh air kit adapter doesn't seem to fit

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Sep 18, 2022
Hi everyone, I had a Blaze King Ashford 20.2 installed a few days ago. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up, and the "FAPLATE3", or Blaze King fresh air adapter, did not arrive until just after the installer left. The installer DID drill a 3 inch hole and bring a 3 inch duct right up to the back of the stove, so everything was all setup except for the adapter itself.

I'm under the impression the installer does not want to come back again, and might need plenty of "incentive" to do so. So why don't I just install the adapter myself? Should be super easy, right? Just stick the 3" hose on, and put in two screws, right?

Turns out, the adapter does not seem to fit the stove very well. They don't look like they were made for each other. Yes, they are both roughly 4 inches by 7 5/8 inches, but they just don't fit together well. For one thing, the adapter looks like it's designed to wrap around, on four sides, something that is box shaped, but the stove fresh air opening (see attached photo) is not shaped like a protruding box. The adapter is just a little too big to fit inside this rectangular hole, unless I try to bend it or something.


Does anyone have experience installing these, or have a working fresh air adapter on their stove already? Thank you so much.

Fresh air kit adapter doesn't seem to fit
Actually, the adapter packaging in front of me says "S.FAPLATE3". Whereas on a different website this sort of thing is called "FAPLATE3" without the initial "S". Does that mean anything?

Does this product work for all Blaze King stoves? What am I missing???
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i just got the same part from Hechlers. On my stove I wrapped the 3 sides around the outside of the box, and the 4th side (the front) goes inside the box.

This is before and after. I haven’t put the screws in yet. I hope this helps (and is correct).

Fresh air kit adapter doesn't seem to fit Fresh air kit adapter doesn't seem to fit
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DonTee has correct install. When the main air channel is welded to the stove, it can distort slightly. You'll note the four FA adapter flaps are not welded. Installers simply use pliers or ball peen hammer to widen the stance of the flaps. Remember to remove screws shown in picture before trying to attach.