Froling Users Thread


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Dec 29, 2016
I don't believe there is a Froling Users Thread already and I think that's because there might not be anything to talk about lol! However, I thought I would start this thread to give Froling users a spot to check-in at. Mine is working as great as the first day I started it.

I wanted to ask, how many hours do you go between major cleaning? By major cleaning I mean a cleanout of the firebox floor, remove the cast iron grates clean the secondary air channels, removed the firebox heat shields and scrape the creosote off behind the shields, remove the tubulators and brush the heat tubes, brush between the firebrick in the combustion chamber and scrape out all the ash from the rear door.


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Dec 29, 2016
Since April 30, 2018
Operating hours: 2368
Slumber hours: 82
About 3.5%


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Oct 15, 2009
I am still really liking my Froling S3. This is our 4th season after using a Econoburn 200 for 5 years. Really no comparison on using the 2. The Froling is just so simple to start. My wife really likes the Froling when I am working my 24 hour to sometimes 72 hour shifts.

I do still get a fair amount of fly ash in the boiler shed. I think I might need more make up air.

I usually empty the ash every 2 weeks.

Here are pictures I took yesterday of stats. The 1 hour of slumber was easy to keep at that with 1000 gallons of storage.

frolinghours.jpeg frolingslumber.jpeg


Oct 27, 2009
NS, Canada
FGH 30kw
2019-2020 first winter
Operating hours: 566
Slumber hours: 15 (before bumping up the set point. Also went from 500 gallons of storage to 1000)
I've been doing a good clean every 2-3 weeks still feeling things out.