Frontier 1977 chimney installation questions

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New Member
Dec 2, 2023
New York
Hello everyone, I’m working on the installation of a chimney for my old frontier 1977 stove that was in an old pole barn on my property, that probably hasn’t been used since 1977.
Looked to be in great shape so I invested in a Metalbestos 8” through the wall chimney kit.
The flue collar is on the rear of the stove.
I have built a 4” cinder block heat shield as shown.

I’m confused because the kit specifies a minimum of 4.5” protrusion through the thimble on the inside wall with double insulated pipe, before adapting to a horizontal single wall black pipe to connect the stove.
How is this possible when single wall black pipe requires 18” clearance from combustibles?
Thank you for any guidance!


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