Fruit tree of some kind?

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Parents’ neighbor felled a couple trees and he doesn’t burn wood, so free for me. Got a bunch of maple rounds and what looks like some kind of fruit tree but I have no clue what kind. He said he thought it was wild cherry, but the bark doesn’t look right to me. Whatever it was, the woodpeckers loved it. Split a couple open (see pictures) and it looks similar to the crabapple I have in the yard, but I thought folks here might have a better idea.

07589B6D-4977-43C4-91F8-2D9EA444E995.jpeg 8E735412-2D71-469E-AE2D-776EA2937696.jpeg A5001225-4C3E-4179-B49D-8270599D51D6.jpeg 93E12CB2-19E0-4112-8D08-2FB46F6F9543.jpeg


Minister of Fire
Jul 11, 2008
Northern NH
Safest way is call it fruitwood. Could be apple, peach pear. If you want to try smoking, its usually good wood, otherwise its BTUs
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Minister of Fire
Sep 24, 2008
Reminds me of apple the way the suckers look.


Minister of Fire
Mar 10, 2015
SW Ohio
late arrival,
+1 for apple (wood color and bark with sapsucker pecks).


Minister of Fire
Apr 5, 2013
I'm guessing apple or crabapple.


Feeling the Heat
Dec 3, 2020
Western MA
+1 for apple.

Looks just like the apple tree I cut and split last winter.