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    Hello, great site! In my basement, I have a paneled gameroom 600 sq. ft. with a plastered ceiling and considering to have a Vermont Castings Stardance Direct Vent Gas Stove installed. I plan to eliminate an 8ft by 3ft closet on an exterior wall to accommodate the unit. The back and right side walls inside the closet were never paneled and are block but the plastered ceiling extends to the block inside the closet. The floor is the original asphalt tiles installed 40 years ago. Outside the wall is about 4 ft. of space to work with between the double chimney (1 chimney used for the gas water heater and gas furnace and the other used for the VC Gas Logs in the upstairs living room) and the corner of the front of the home with the gas meter located at the corner of this side. I'm looking for opinions from the expert. I need to blow some heat in the big room on cold winter nights to feel comfortable watching T.V. or computer work. The furnace doesn't get the heat down to the floor from the ceiling register. I feel the installer can locate the unit in this area and somehow run the pipe upward and the out the wall but how high would they go toward the ceiling without being safe? I'm figure I would have to install a small window well down about 2 ft.. I've figured the ceiling in my gameroom is about 8 inches above the ground level outside. Also, is it safe to have that direct vent pipe about a foot or so away from the gas meter? Your advice is very much appreciated.



    First, your clearances would be minimal for the stove, as the Stardance roughly requires a minimum of 2" to the rear, & 6" to the sides.

    The stove will require a minimum height of venting before turning 90 degrees, and elbowing through the basement wall. I believe that figure to be approximately 54", but double check that.

    The clearance needed between the horizontal DV pipe and your basement ceiling is going to be approximately 9.5", although the rear pipe clearance is 2". This is due to heat rising from all of the vertical pipe. Again, check that vital clearance.

    Once through the wall, you would use a "snorkel" to vent vertically and terminate outside. You need at least 12" from the termination to grade.

    The next big issue will be the clearance from the vent termination and the gas meter. If you terminate to the side of a gas meter, you'll need 72". If you terminate directly above a gas meter, you need 36". So, ask your retailer what the local code is. The National code also listed in the DV30's Owner's Guide, and there'll be a handy chart for review.

    I have a older Stardance model myself (DV25), and know that when used with a blower, it's a terrific supplemental heater.
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