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Dec 28, 2006
Mt. Rainier Foothills, WA
Sounds like typical high iron content in your well water. It’s clear until it hits oxygen and then it oxidizes into particles that can be filtered or will settle out. You probably have orange toilet tanks too! It’s easy to remove iron so that you don’t have it in your home or your boiler. My wife hated the orange stains in the dishwasher, toilets, and even light colored clothing.


Jan 21, 2011
Bayfield Co. Wi
Unfortunate but not that simple .... no staining of fixtures laundry etc. or other indications. Mike says it’s definitely iron but it is bound with other things in the well water. Way back when I did the well I tested for free iron and nothing showed up. If I wanted to spend a bunch of diagnostic dollars it could be better identified. Bottom line is it prefers to bond with his cocktail better than whatever else is available and precipitates out as the flock in the tank. Knowing the full chemistry would be nice but not sure the juice would be worth the squeeze. Pia to get it out after a full drain and refill but once removed it’s fine and tank is gin clear till any top up with the well water. As long there is available chemical and the top up is minor it’s back to clear with a filter change or two. Plan B would be to truck water in but the process a lot of local municipalities use to treat water in this area would create different and even worse problems. Points out why Garn is so persistent on the water quality. Unfortunate that no two areas have the same exact issues. Dan
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Mar 1, 2009
Eastern NE
Sounds like you well is like mind not good. In the past I hauled my water in but have since lost that source so after the the repair last year I had to use my own well. I filtered it going into the Garn and worked with Mike on the cocktail to work with what I have. When I first got back up and going I was changing my filter every two weeks. Then went to a month then two. The water is clear and test good now per Mike. I am going for three months on this change and see how the filter looks. I built my own cover out of stainless with a good seal years ago and that helps a bunch on water loss. Now that I am semi retired and can feed the Garn more times with wood I am not firing as high temp as I used to and that helps on water loss also.