Gas inserts questions

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New Member
Dec 5, 2020
Hello - We have 3 wood burning fireplaces in our house (all 3 have a gas lines ran to them for starters) through a kitchen/family room renovation we are having a general contractor install a Mendota insert (the larger of the D series). It's the last part of the renovation and unfortunately he isn't giving it high priority so we aren't planning on using him to install an insert in our other main floor fireplace, which is on the opposite side of our house in the living room.

We've reached out to a local business and they are recommending a Lopi 34 DVL Deluxe w/EmberGlo™. I'm just wondering a few basic things.

1 - Are these inserts (Lopi & Mendota) comparable quality?
2 - With installing these in a fireplace that already has gas, but will need electricity, and has a traditional chimney (on a two story house) what is a ballpark cost for our location in the Midwest (Ohio)?
3 - Are there any other brands that you would recommend for our third fireplace (few years down the road) that is in a basement rec-room, which doesn't have to be as "nice" as either of the other two fireplaces, also for the basement a blower isn't a requirement.

I thank you for your time and expertise!