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    Gas log flame color

    This weekend I had a basic, vented gas log installed in my fireplace. I bought it at a local hardware megastore, and had a professional gas installer put it in. It's beautiful.

    This morning when I lit it, the flame was barely yellow...this is in contrast to the past two days since installation when the flame was very yellow and realistic.

    My questions:

    * Why would it all of a sudden go from a yellow realistic flame to a blue one?

    * Is there anything I can do to adjust the color?

    On the chance it would help find an answer, my gas log is a 24" EmberGlow brand and employs a "dual" burner (actually a U-shaped one).


    I think it's some odd combination of circumstances. Make certain that the burner is covered with sand and embers where (and if) it is supposed to be (check the manual). Make certain there is not ashes or embers around the area where the gas pipe meets the log set as there may be an air mixing orifice there.

    The color is usually determined by this air mixer, as well as the sand, embers and the burner tube design.
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