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    Please tell me why i cannot use gas logs in a fireplace that has a Buck Insert in it? I have been told i must remove the Buck and this does not make any sense to me. The Buck is a heavy metal double wall unit that can withstand upwards of 1750 degrees of heat, then a brick chimney surround. I cannot see the logic in this, please help i do not want to remove the Buck.
    Maybe i did not make my self clear. I am speaking of the unvented gas logs. Plenty of space for 18 inch logs to allow for air and no doors on front. I am not looking for a "yes" but i still do not understand the reasoning , except for some sticker that is not attached.


    It would seem illogical that a heavy duty insert like your Buck couldn't handle a gas log set, but it's deeper than that. First, your Buck is not safety rated (U.L. & AGA) for that type of application.

    Second, a gas log set requires a larger flue area for venting for proper operation--much more than than a 6" or 8" round pipe as most vented gas logs are rated from 70k to 100k Btu's.

    Third, a gas log set requires a larger area around the set so that it receives the proper amount of combustion air so it doesn't soot, have incomplete combustion, and form carbon monoxide.

    And fourth, there's the possibility that someone may close the doors of the insert or stove to view the fire through the glass doors and again, restrict the air necessary for proper combustion.

    If you want gas logs, remove the insert. If you'd rather have a gas insert or stove, revisit the website and look at what is offered by those manufacturers. They're outstanding products and certified by AGA. When it comes to gas, be smart and most importantly, be 100% safe. Good luck.

    When you are dealing with UV Logs, the sensitivity of installation is even higher. There are minimum space requirements that must be met. And, perhaps your insert's firebox would meet those requirements, and the logs would probably operate okay. But yes, it comes down to the "sticker" issue. Let me explain a little more.

    The folks who safety test these UV logs are very strict, and German-like methodical. When they test, they must set up certain criteria. One of which is the installation into a either a UL tested factory built fireplace, or an approved (code-built) masonry FP. They can't, and won't muddy the waters by allowing different sized inserts, or stoves use these logs-----liability.

    When they test the logs, they know that you if you into "X", it will work as designed, and slap on a safety label. If it's into "Y", despite sharing similar size fireboxes, then who knows? Perhaps if you had doors once, someone will unknowingly put them back on, etc. They do not want these gray areas to become an issue. If you do it anyway, you and the gas company who connects the logs are on your own. Again, liability.

    I come from a manufacturer's background, and when I pushed new products through the system, I dealt a lot with R&D personnel, U.L., Warnock-Hersey, R.F. Geisser, and AGA. That's how they think. That's how it is, like it or not. Flexibility is not something they have in the testing and listing phase. 'Hope this helps you understand the reasoning. Thanks for writing in.
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