Q&A gas stoves - do they need electric?

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    Hi, Question: I want to buy a gas stove because I want to stay warm this winter even if the power goes off -which it frequently does. Do gas stoves require electricity to operate properly? Does it make a difference if the stove is vented or not? I haven't been able to find this info anywhere. I also wanted to know if it is possible to cook or heat water on top of a gas stove during a power outage. Only very few of the stoves say anything about cooking.


    Most Gas stoves do not require 110V electric to function. They do use a small amount for operation, however that is produced by the gas stove itself. So, the answer is yes, these will work during a power failure. Vented and Non-Vent stoves both work in the same way in this regard.

    Many, if not all, gas stoves are too cool on the top to do too much cooking. This is because the top are usually double-wall construction. Codes in the US and Canada require that the outside of gas stoves be less than 200 F, a temperature which is fine for warming, but not hot enough for real cooking.
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