Gas stoves: Quadra-Fire Topaz vs. Vermont Castings Radiance (Please Help)

viper7721 Posted By viper7721, Oct 21, 2006 at 10:20 PM

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  1. viper7721

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    Oct 21, 2006
    I have seen both of these cast-iron gas stoves.

    Here are the stats for them:

    Quadra-Fire Topaz
    BTU Input NG: 26,500 - 39,500 Top Vent
    BTU Input LP: 30,500 - 38,000 Top Vent
    Efficiency: up to 85%
    Convection Blower: 160 cfm
    Weight: 275 lbs.

    Vermont Castings Radiance
    BTU Input High: 35000 LP & NG
    BTU Input Low: 27,000 LP/25,000 NG
    Steady State Efficiency Rating: 81.5% LP/82.7% NG
    AFUE by D.O.E. Efficiency: 71.1% LP/71.6% NG
    EnerGuide Ratings Fireplace Efficiency: 60.7%
    Optional Convection Fan: 150cfm
    Weight: 350 lbs.

    Now, I don't know what all these numbers mean. But it looks to me like the QF Topaz has a little more BTU power, but the VC Radiance is 75lbs heavier. This is probably due the to fact the the VC Radiance has a cast-iron firebox, whereas the QF Topaz has a steel firebox. Wouldn't that equate to the VC Radiance having more thermal mass (for radiant heat) and holding the heat for longer than the QF Topaz? And wouldn't that extra thermal mass make the VC Radiance a more powerful stove overall?

    We will be using Liquid Propane.

    I am trying to decide which is a better gas stove (quality and power).

    Any information will be appreciated.

    Thank You.
  2. MountainStoveGuy

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    Jan 23, 2006
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    Quality? Pick your poision.
    Quad is cast in belgium
    VC is cast in vermont.
    Quad uses ceraimic panels inside to radiate heat
    VC uses cast iron.
    The topaz is a HUGE heater. I have no idea about the VC, but i would guess the same.
    Thermal mass is not important on a constant btu appliance. A calorie in is a calorie out, when the thermostat calls for heat, they will both turn on. In otherwords, it takes btus to heat the cast, to be released later, you imput output factor is the same. Its handy on woodstoves because you they dont work on thermostats. I would go with the one you like. They have the same valves, nova sits, there both pan or cast burners, buy which one you think looks the best. There apples and apples.
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