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    I have a ZC fireplace that causes a dilemma for me because I want a gas insert, stove or something that will work without modification. I have an Avalon 996 45 degree wood insert and it looks fantastic because it sits out on the hearth and not inside the ZC on the metal floor. The ZC metal floor is raised up about 5" from the hearth and, for example, if I want to put a Heritage Bay or something like that in, I have to have a sheet metal man fabricate a piece that will cover below the unit to make it look nice. But if I had a normal masonry fireplace the unit would sit flush on the hearth like in the brochure. What manufacturer makes a gas something that looks nice for a ZC that does not require modification from the standard look?

    p.s. I am thinking that the Jotul might be good but will the vent system fit into a regular ZC fireplace and how do I cover the hole with a panel.


    Most gas stoves and inserts can be installed into your ZC without too much problem. Adapters are made to convert most DV (direct vent) stoves and inserts to a two pipe system (usually 2-3" pipes) which then line your existing chimney.

    If you opt for a stove in front of the fireplace, make certain all the clearances are upheld..and the hold can be covered with screening or a custom made fireproof panel. In most ZC's you don't want to seal the opening off tight...it uses room air to cool the box of the fireplace - although this is of less concern (or none) with the gas unit.
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