Good replacement for Defiant Encore 2190

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Nov 10, 2017
Good day all! It's been some time and I've burned a lot of wood through our defiant encore. She's getting worn out so I'm hoping to replace it with something that works similar. We live in northern MN. So it can get well below zero on the coldest days. Occasionslly I had to get up and fill the encore during very cold nights otherwise she gave me predictible long burn times. I'd be happy with something similar as far as heat output and burn times. I've gone down the rabbit hole and I really am not a pro. So I come to you folks to find some good options. I don't have a preference for catalytic or not. I like the look of VC stoves and I do want to view the fires. But I also would love ease of use and quality build. Thank you for any input!