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    Good replacement for Defiant Encore 2190

    Good day all! It's been some time and I've burned a lot of wood through our defiant encore. She's getting worn out so I'm hoping to replace it with something that works similar. We live in northern MN. So it can get well below zero on the coldest days. Occasionslly I had to get up and fill the...
  2. A

    Worth it to rebuild 2008 Hearthstone Tribute 8040 or is it even necessary

    I have a Hearthstone Tribute 8040, purchased & installed in 2008. We’ve used it perhaps 40-60x each winter that we’ve lived here. This past year, we ran out of the wood that we had from clearing our land 13 years ago & bought split, kiln-dried spruce & have been burning much more often than...
  3. D

    Stove pipe replacement - rusted off at square ceiling support box

    Hi guys, we’re into snow season here it MT and the stove pipe on my shop fireplace just rusted clean off (I already picked up a new chimney cap). Need help on a repair that can be done without tearing the roof apart at this time of year. Looks like the original setup was welded together as one...
  4. 2

    Prefab Gas Fireplace cost to replace

    We are looking at buying a home with two gas prefab fireplaces that were installed 30 years ago. There are problems with the fireplaces and they need to be replaced and they are not in code. Does anyone have any idea of a range of what it would cost to take these out and replace them. I want...
  5. N

    Purchasing Help Please

    I'm having a really hard time deciding which wood stove to buy. I am replacing an old insert with a free standing unit. It needs to have a rear facing flue, and fit within 28 1/2ish high X 35 wide. I have looked at the Vermont Castings Encore Flexburn but decided against it due to some things I...
  6. M

    Need to Replace my Floor

    I'm looking into replacing my laminate floor with carpet. I have the enviro mini and it comes with a hearth pad so I am not worried about that part. However I'm not sure if the height of the new carpet will be higher than the current laminate once compressed with the weight of the stove. I'm...