Need to Replace my Floor

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Dec 14, 2013
I'm looking into replacing my laminate floor with carpet. I have the enviro mini and it comes with a hearth pad so I am not worried about that part. However I'm not sure if the height of the new carpet will be higher than the current laminate once compressed with the weight of the stove. I'm trying to figure out if there is some sort of adjustable pipe I can use to raise or drop the exhaust vent running from the back of the stove to the thimble and out the house. The last thing I want to do is put stress on the exhaust pipe. Any comments or ideas would be much appreciated.
If your pipe is like mine, it should have sufficient wiggle room to compensate.
That's the part I cannot remember and I don't want to disconnect it until I have to since we are using it. I pulled it out in the fall to thoroughly clean the stove and I don't remember there being much wiggle room.
I have ICC vent, and there is one section of adjustable pipe. I don't know whether other vendors sell adjustable lengths.
Check your manual re: need for additional floor protection on carpet. I have the M55 and it does require a pad if the stove is placed on carpet, but doesn't require a pad if stove is placed on a hard surface.
I did check the manual and the supplied hearth pad is supposed to be okay. I have that installed right now. I guess what I meant by adjustable pipe height was if the stove is lined up right now to the thimble perfectly, if I change the floor this will change the height of the stove. Therefore my stove my be higher by probably no more than a fraction of an inch. Since the stove exhaust will not be at the exact height of the thimble anymore, I'm wondering if this will be a problem.
look at where your pipe goes through your thimble now, if you have some play between the pipe and thimble you should be good
It's also possible that the hole that was cut when the thimble was installed has some slop in it too. If so, just unscrew the thimble and re position it slightly higher or lower.
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A sliding pipe won't help if you have a direct horizontal run straight from the stove to the thimble, however I would still think there would be enough wiggle room in the setup.
Once compressed by weight I don't see carpet and underpad being any thicker than laminate. Only would if you have a very cheap thin laminate. Get a small piece of carpet and pad your going install and put a weight on it and check thickness compared to the laminate.
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