Got Lucky, Picked Up An Enviro- Harman No Sales Same In Canada

terryjd98 Posted By terryjd98, Jul 19, 2008 at 1:56 AM

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    Jul 1, 2008
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    Picked up an Enviro Evolution yesterday, was looking through local dealers websites, checked out a Sale Items page, seen it on sale for $2200.00 plus tax, reg $3017.00 plus tax, one avaliable. I called told them to hold it for me, drove the 60 miles and picked it up in the afternoon. Was a show room display for last 2 years, never had a fire in it, full warrenty, the steel hearth that comes with them was still in the box in the back. Manuels, exhaust pipe that bolts on back of stove, brush, warrenty papers in the ash box. Only 45,000 btu but given the choices out there for this quality of stove for that kind of money it was worth the trade off for less btu then I wanted. At least this will give me a little extra money into putting into tearing apart a couple of rooms in the old house and adding insulation.
    Talked with the owner and his wife for awhile and he said Harmon gave him the same kind of deal as has been posted on here. He has 10 Harmons sold, got a fax yesterday morning with a revised delivery date of June 2009, was suppose to get them all by Sept. He even showed me a couple of faxes with the order date and new delivery date on them, seems like a real streight shooter. Is not too pleased he is losing these sales. Another Dealer I was talking to on Tuesday was suppose to get 10 Harmons in, now maybe one will come in but has 4 pre sold, I would have been number 5 but they told me if I could get a deal on a stove I might better instead of taking the chance of waiting. Glad they were honest with me or I might have took the chance and waited instead of calling around and checking out websites.
    Good luck out there hope everybody can get some kind of Stove to help out with the heating bills this winter.
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